It is always good to love the work you are doing, and it’s also vital to make a living. Making a business degree is the first step of a lucrative and stable career. But do you know the starting salaries in the business field and its range? So Business Administration Salary is needed.

When you’re aiming to get into the Business Administration field, first thing you’re going to research is about your salary only, since every field of work may vary in salary. You may expect significant starting salaries with your degree completed in business administration.

However, salaries may vary considerably based on your degree and the area of business you choose to pursue. And also it depends on the individual’s situation, such as the company for which they are hired, the type of industry they are in, and the anterior skills they bring with them into the workforce.

And also some of these are going to factor a business administration salary: Let’s take a look

  • Your location: Every location in the United States may vary, when it comes to your salary.  For e.g. a place such as New York City is paid lot than a place in the middle of Idaho.
  • Your experience:  Employees having lot of experience will be called for higher paychecks. If you have more than 8 years experience, you will be paid more.
  • The job title: In Business Administration field, there are so many place that you can head such as Sales management, Retail, Finance, Accounting, Hospitality, Health Care, and Marketing.
  • Your education: Associate degrees may vary greatly, compared to Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

When looking at business administration salary and what you should expect:

In 2010, some experts found that if you have a bachelor’s degree, you can expect to earn anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $8,000 a year and if you have an associate’s degree, you can earn anywhere from $31,000 to as much as $44,000 per year.

If you obtain a MBA and met one of the higher levels, you can earn around $10,000 more than the $31,000 – $44,000 average.

Associates Degree in Business Administration: Associate degree programs are 2 year programs offered by community colleges or technical institutes. They give students a general education in business, many satisfying careers available to the associate’s degree in business. These are the starting salaries for associate degree holders in business careers.

  • Office Manager – $37,380
  • Executive Assistant – $41,850
  • Retail Store Manager – $41,850
  • Administrative Assistant – $29,893
  • Human Resources – $49,821
  • Customer Service Representative -  $31,886.

business administration salary

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration:

There are many honoring careers available to the graduate of a bachelor’s program in business administration. Here is a collapse of the various positions and their salaries.

  • Controller (Financial) – $87,777
  • Human Resources Manager – $61,526
  • Project Manager, IT – $78,446
  • Project manager, Construction – $76,908
  • Human Resources Director – $72,806
  • Executive Administrative Assistant – $36,454
  • Senior Accountant – $51,272.

If you ever had to work in the private sector, it should give you a good idea. While these are averages, you can expect to earn more, or even less.